The Cottage Herb Farm Shop has a “charm reserved for another era” thanks to Beulah Southwell, who founded the shop in 1942.  Anyone entering the shop now is greeted by herbs and spices, as well as Miss Ginger, a gentle Golden Retriever.  Passed down through three generations, Beulah’s granddaughter, Daryl King-Bradt now keeps this unique shop filled with a potpourri of delights.

In the late 1930’s, Beulah and her husband bought a farm in the New Hampshire mountains, where she would come to grew and dry a variety of herbs.  Beulah’s French grandmother, who was forever growing and talking about herbs, inspired Beulah to try her own hand at growing them.  Beulah’s talents were first recognized when one Christmas she created a card that read, “Seasoning Greeting for Your Christmas Turkey,” complete with a sachet of seasonings.  Naturally, Beulah’s friends loved the card and her herb blends and wanted more!  Inspired to share her knowledge of herbs, she decided to open up a shop, complete with a beautiful collection of antiques she’d procured at auctions in New Hampshire.  So, with bundles of field herbs, bottles of herbal vinegars, wild herbal honeys, and preserves and tea blends, the Cottage Herb Farm Shop opened in 1942.  Adding to the charm of the shop, every afternoon Beulah served peppermint tea to welcome her customers.  Beulah would continue to be involved with the shop into her 90s, ultimately passing it down to her daughter, Mrs. Betty-Jane King, an expert gardener. 

The Cottage Herb Farm Shop has been family owned and run for 3 generations, and always with a family pet: “Sam,” a Bedlington Terrier during Beulah’s day,  our gold-star Golden Retriever, Ruggles, for over 10 years, and now the young Miss Ginger, who tries to fill Ruggles illustrious paws. 

Please treat yourself to a visit to the Cottage Herb Farm Shop.  There’s an endless array of perfect gifts for everyone on your shopping list.  Everyone in your family will enjoy this truly unique shop. Take a step back in time into an aromatherapy experience and be sure to say hello to Miss Ginger, the official greeter!    
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